Trad session Clarkes Bar Mullingar Wednesday nights 9pm

Hi everybody,

I’m delighted to say that I’m finally fit for playing gigs again…..I think!….I hope….

My recent health woes seem to be improving and I got to play a session in Clarke’s Bar in Mullingar on Wednesday night last.

It felt so good to be out playing again and meeting people!

I had forgotten how good it makes me feel to sing and play for an audience.

I met some great musicians and punters in the wonderfully warm and welcoming setting of this great old pub.

The talent of my fellow musos was outstanding.

I was especially impressed by a young local banjo player named Conor Furey, who has the music in his blood being the son of Eddie Furey.

Yes, THE Eddie Furey, an Irish folk music legend who has with his brothers and Davey Arthur, inspired and entertained generations of

music lovers.

I was delighted to meet him and share the tunes with Conor.

It’s what music does.

It brings people together for a shared magical experience.

It’s like a beautiful, time travelling, audio-tropic, psychedelic mind-wank!……..Is that a new word?

Music is my Drug of choice and I plan to make a pig of myself after the last 2 years of social and musical deprivation.

I’ll be back in Clarke’s next Wednesday 9pm for another great session.

You should come too!

See ye soon!