track art for Danu my bride

New single release!!!! Danu my bride Drops May 15th 6 pm

Hi folks.

I’m delighted to announce my new single release, Danu my bride.

I’m delighted with this new track and very excited to share it with you all,

It can be found here on BANDCAMP

The track will also be available on all the major streaming platforms from Wednesday 15th after 6pm.

The song is a stern warning from the spirit world about our destruction of the natural world.

Danu is the mother goddess from celtic mythology.

The mother nature figure.

The male energy expresses his anger and fear at the harm being done to his spouse by our greedy and

ignorant actions.

It was definitely a labour of love producing this song.

We spent many hours in the studio working out the sound I wanted to acheive.

It started as a simple song but grew and evolved into the epic piece of  music it is now.

I was fascinated to watch it develop, layer by layer, element by element to the final finished track.

Thanks so much to Mark Reddy for his skills and patience as he listened to my ideas and made them


I’m eternally grateful.

A big Thank you to the musicians who played their parts so beautifully.

Also a shout for Ciaran Melia for the track art and to 2 swan designs for PR.

It’s a little bit of magic watching an idea evolve into a song.

I feel privileged to get the opportunity to be a small part of that magic.

I hope ye like the song.

Message anytime to share your thoughts.

All the best,