New original Christmas song release, The bitter sweet and warm

Hi Folks,

I’m delighted to announce my new Christmas single release “The bitter sweet and warm.

It’s a charming walk down memory lane for me as the song is about the buzz on the streets of

Dublin at Christmas time.

There is also a stark reminder about the ongoing homelessness crisis.

Which has been conveniently forgotten in the midst of the multitude

of conflicts and crises afflicting the world.

The song conveys happy memories of my younger days travelling to the city for Christmas shopping.

There seemed to be a touch of magic in the air, a definite feeling of good humour.

It’s a nice memory to have.

The video for The bitter sweet and warm was made by Mark McGuire

in Big adventure media and is live now on Youtube.

Here it is.

The Bitter sweet and warm video

I also have just released another new song called Boots on the ground.

It’s a song about the horror in Gaza and the plight of ordinary Palestinians.

You can find it Here on Bandcamp

I’m also delighted to announce that I will have Physical CDs of The bitter sweet and warm single with 2 bonus tracks on each disc.

I plan to sell the singles on Irish music market

I’ll keep ye posted of progress.

I’m delighted to be able to share all this good news with you and I will hopefully catch up with you at a gig in the new year.

All the best for now.