Celtic weddings, new Irish folk music and other news

Hello Folks,

Hope ye’re all well?

I have been busy with gigs and recording and lots of other stuff too.

I’m so happy to be back playing music again after those horrible months of sinus trouble.

It’s amazing how one little system failing can affect your life so much!

Your health really is your wealth!

I’m back playing pub gigs as a solo and with The Ceólminers, my 2 piece band.

I’m also playing weddings , writing , recording and trying to keep up with social media content.

I admit I feel totally clueless when it comes to a social media strategy.

I’m researching and talking to people who are having some success in getting the word out.

So here I am Blogging about the music and the process and the tribulations of Being an Irish folksiinger in 2022.

It’s like a cross between Blade runner and Glenroe!

Too much technology for an ordinary culchie like me.

I just want to play and get my music out there.

Not a big ask but you have to run fast to stay still these days.

I’m loving the gigs!

It’s so great to be back.

I was down on Inishmore on Wednesday playing at a celtic wedding ceremony.

It was a truly beautiful experience.

The weather was perfect and I didn’t step in any cowshite.

I didn’t know what to expect and was blown away by the simple beauty of the celtic service.

The solumniser, Dara Molloy, (here’s his website,) Celtic ceremonies

is a former catholic priest who has been officiating at these ceremonies for over 30 years.

Even though I’m an Atheist I was very moved by the service and greatly impressed by Such a nice, deeply spiritual man.

Dara travels the country celebrating weddings and is defintely worth considering

if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional church wedding.

I played 6 songs during the service with my acoustic guitar and harmonica.

I’m happy to say the German wedding party were delighted with the music.

They had chosen Irish folk songs that fitted perfectly with each part of the ceremony.

I felt privileged to be a small part of such a lovely, private and personal event.

A big thank you to Daniel and Ricarda and every happiness in your future!

Yes, Wednesday was something special!

I hadn’t been playing at ceremonies but sticking to after-parties , day 2’s and drinks receptions for the wedding work.

I would definitely consider more Aran weddings but the weather would be vital to a successful day, as the ceremony is all outdoors.

We’ll see.

I’ve been busy recording my own original music and released this last week.

It’s callad “The ballad of a mean Cavasn hoor”

A tribute to the (alledged) thriftiness of Cavan people, Which I dont agree with at all!……

You can find the song HERE on Bandcamp and below.

The Ceólminers are playing in The bridge house hotel in Tullamore on sunday 21st August at 8pm .

Be great to see ye there!

All the best for now.

Slán go fhóil

The Ballad of a Mean Cavan hoor