A special song for Mothers Day

Hi there, hope ye’re all well?

I’m sad today,

It’s the first Mothers day without my beloved mother Lily.

She passed away in September 2022 but I’m still coming to terms with her loss.

I think it’s the fact that she was 92 and we just got used to having her around.

I’m just numb today, its horrible.

I wrote this little song a few months ago but couldn’t sing it till now.

I would choke on the the first few words!

I suppose it’s a sign of healing to some degree that I can sing it now.

Well Lily will live forever now on Youtube, or for as long as it lasts.

She was a great singer herself in her day and sang with show bands in the 50’s in England before she was married.

It’s a fitting tribute that I think she would have liked.

A song for Lily.

That’s All for now,