Brendan Melia

I play Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Bouzouki and Foot percussion.

I am an Irish folk singer, musician and songwriter.

I am privileged to come from a culture as rich as Ireland’s. My country and its people have been steeped in art and poetry since the first human foot stepped onto its beaches.

The creativity, energy and tenacity of the Irish is renowned all over the world. I’m very lucky to be a small drop in that ocean of music and art that ebbs and flows around the world bringing joy and possibility to billions of eager souls.

My songs are the way I tell my story, I strive for honesty and humility in my writing, using plain, simple language. I try to just tell the truth and sing the way I talk. It feels better that way….more real.

The truth is more important now than ever it was and not always pleasant either. We have to always strive to find it. That’s what art is all about. Welcome to my humble part of the search.

Coming Soon!

New single Danu my bride.

Download it HERE

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The Music