Hello there!

My Name is Brendan Melia, I am a multi-instrumentalist Irish musician and Ballad singer.

I sing, play Guitar, Banjo and harmonica, whistle and percussion.

I write and perform my own original music and perform many of the standard folk songs of the Irish, Scottish and American traditions and play many popular session trad tunes.

Any of you who are old enough to remember the dark, smoke filled little pubs of the 80s and before, will have a better understanding of the way pub sessions were back then. Everything seemed more genuine and real.

The pint was cheaper too!


About My Music

These sessions helped to shape my music and singing style.

The songs still resonate with me.

A testament to great songwriting and the truth and heart in the lyrics and their performance.

Some of these songs form a part of my earliest memories as a child.

My parents would have parties after the pubs closed in the 1970s with our neighbors and aunts and uncles and everyone would have a song or a party piece.

There were no musicians but lots of great singers!

My mother and my uncles I especially remember singing songs of love, drinking and of course the rebel songs(I loved these most of all)

These old songs have a life of their own and live as long as people remember the words and how to sing them.

I will be keeping as many alive as possible and you’re welcome to join me.
Just come along to the gigs or learn them from my recordings and play your part in keeping the music alive.

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you at one of my gigs soon!